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Education » Diamond Grading Reports

GIA Gem Trade Laboratory reports are regarded throughout the gem and jewelry industry wordwide as the hallmark of integrity, reliability, and consistency in gemological services and research.  No other system has the clarity and universal acceptance of the GIA scale.

Most of the diamonds sold at Personal Touch Jewelers have been sent to the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory for identification and grading. The reports are available for customer’s inspection prior to purchase and given to them upon purchase.

Displayed below is a sample of a GIA Diamond Grading Report. It is displayed as an example of a report that may be issued after grading, examination and/or analysis by GIA Gem Trade Laboratory, an independent lab unrelated to the client or seller. It is provided as information for the consumer. The form may not be copied or used for any other purpose without the express written consent of GIA Gem Trade Laboratory.


The actual inclusions for each diamond are mapped and displayed on a two-dimensional drawing using symbols. The dimensions of the diamond are listed, as well as the carat weight, cut proportions, color and clarity. If the diamond is laser-inscribed, that number will be cross-referenced on the GIA grading report.

Many times smaller diamonds are graded in the laboratory and a “dossier” is produced. This is a shorter form of the GIA grading report, including everything except the mapping of inclusions. Shown below is an example of a GIA Dossier Report.